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Charity and Its Fruits

Edited for Today's Readers

AMAZON: Paperback / Kindle

"Jason Dollar has done a valuable service in presenting Edwards’s most popular sermon series in contemporary language. Many have benefitted over the years from these thorough expositions. This more accessible version should renew interest in this classic work." — George Marsden


The End for Which God Created the World

Updated to Modern English

"Jason does us a great service, making the first more accessible by updating the second. Reading these classic works allow your affections to be stoked by the Spirit!" — Edwards scholar Kyle Strobel

The Excellency of Christ

Updated to Modern English

Especially at the cross, we see Christ exhibiting both his powerful lion-like might and his sacrificial lamb-like humility.

Excellency NEW cover Kindle.jpg
Sinners NEW cover Kindle2.jpg

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Updated to Modern English

"Pointing a new generation to the great holiness of God, the horrible sinfulness of sin, and the gracious power of Jesus Christ to save." — Buddy Gray, Pastor of Hunter Street Baptist Church

Many Mansions, Glorious Grace, and Christian Knowledge

Updated to Contemporary English

The fresh language opens a door of accessibility, allowing anyone to encounter the heart of Northampton’s pastor without getting tangled up in his lengthy, now-archaic sentences.

Many Mansions Front Cover.jpeg
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