The End for Which God Created the World

Updated to Modern English

"Jason does us a great service, making the first more accessible by updating the second. Reading these classic works allow your affections to be stoked by the Spirit!" - Edwards scholar Kyle Strobel

The Excellency of Christ

Updated to Modern English

Especially at the cross, we see Christ exhibiting both his powerful lion-like might and his sacrificial lamb-like humility.

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Sinners NEW cover Kindle2.jpg

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Updated to Modern English

"Pointing a new generation to the great holiness of God, the horrible sinfulness of sin, and the gracious power of Jesus Christ to save." - Buddy Gray, Pastor of Hunter Street Baptist Church

Many Mansions, Glorious Grace, and Christian Knowledge

Updated to Contemporary English

The fresh language opens a door of accessibility, allowing anyone to encounter the heart of Northampton’s pastor without getting tangled up in his lengthy, now-archaic sentences.

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