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God's House Has Plenty of Room

The following is an excerpt from Edward's sermon "Many Mansions." This quote has been updated for today's readers. The words are very devotional, providing food for the soul. But there is also an insight into church life in Edward's day, when he says, "Here in this world, our public houses of worship often fill up very quickly."


God’s house has plenty of room for large numbers of people. The imagery of many mansions entails this literal fact, namely, that heaven can easily hold vast multitudes of people. There is enough room for every person who has ever lived or ever will live!

In the Parable of the Great Banquet, the attendants brought droves of people to the feast. But one of the servants informed the master of the house, “Sir, what you commanded has been done, and still there is room” (Luke 14:22). Indeed, there is always more room in God’s house.

Here in this world, our public houses of worship often fill up very quickly. Sometimes we must endure overcrowding, people stuffed together. Our buildings can feel tight, small, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. But it is never like this in our heavenly Father’s house. There is always extra space in his heavenly temple.

Remember, Jesus used this information to encourage his disciples. They desperately desired to be with their Lord wherever he was. Eventually they would receive what their hearts so badly wanted. At his Father’s house, he told them, there were many mansions, which meant there was more than enough room for them. He was going there, and they would soon join him.

Now, consider this: The sheer number of dwelling places available in heaven shows us that God’s mercy must be very great! If his mercy was small, then heaven would only have a few mansions. But he graciously provides enough mercy to allow innumerable multitudes into his house—enough for everyone! Furthermore, Christ has enough merit to purchase heavenly happiness for millions and millions of people, for everyone who has ever lived or will ever live.

We can also infer that joy abounds in that glorious place. It must, since there are so many mansions there! The fountain of heaven’s happiness is more than sufficient in its supply. It can easily fill and satisfy every person who lives in God’s house. In every respect, heaven has enough happiness for all.

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