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Jonathan Edwards Timeline

  • 1703 Born in East Windsor, Connecticut

  • 1716 Began studies at Yale (13 years old)

  • 1722 Received master's degree from Yale

  • 1722–1723 Pastor of Presbyterian Church in New York City

  • 1723–1724 Pastor of church in Bolton, Connecticut

  • 1724–1726 Tutor at Yale

  • 1726 Began assisting his grandfather Solomon Stoddard at the church in Northampton

  • 1727 Married Sarah Pierpont

  • 1729 Became the pastor of Northampton church (Massachusetts), replacing his grandfather Solomon Stoddard who died the same year.

  • 1734 Preached A Divine and Supernatural Light; Revival in Northampton and Connecticut Valley

  • 1737 Published A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God

  • 1738 Preached Charity and Its Fruits

  • 1741 Preached Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

  • 1746 Published Treatise on Religious Affections

  • 1749 Published Life of David Brainerd

  • 1750 Dismissed as pastor of Northampton Church

  • 1751 Becomes a pastor and missionary to the Indians in Stockbridge, Mass.

  • 1754 Published Freedom of the Will

  • 1755 Writes The End for Which God Created the World and The Nature of True Virtue (Published posthumously in 1765)

  • 1758 Published Original Sin

  • 1758 Installed as president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University)

  • 1758 Died in Princeton, New Jersey as a result of a smallpox inoculation

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