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Jonathan Edwards Library

The Works of Jonathan Edwards (WJE) is the most comprehensive collection of Edwards works available. The entire WJE can be browsed, searched, and studied for free at The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. It is a tremendous resource for anyone wanting to study Edwards, a complete library of his original writings. However, there are a few drawbacks to the site. The print is small and cannot be changed, and some works can be difficult to find. It takes some practice to navigate the site. These minor issues are a small price to pay for an amazing resource!

As wonderful as the WJE collection is, students of Edwards also generally want books, too. Some of Edwards works have been edited and updated for easier reading. Some are printed in collections. And there are many other books about Edwards or his thought, which are can be very helpful. What follows is a collection of recommended books by or about Edwards that can be purchased on Amazon. Full disclosure: as an Amazon Associate, Jonathan Edwards Today may earn from qualifying purchases. It is one nice way people can support this work. Thank you!

By Edwards

Biography / History

Theology / Technical

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