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Edited for Today's Readers

The voice of Jonathan Edwards in the ordinary language of today!

Available on Amazon: Paperback or Kindle

PLEASE NOTE: If purchasing on Amazon, be sure you have the correct version of Charity and Its Fruits. There are many generic versions of Edwards' original available under many different covers. Look for the cover that is pictured above. The links above will take you to the correct place. But be careful, the paperback and kindle version are not linked on Amazon (due to Charity and Its Fruits being in the public domain).


Without love, the Christian faith is dead, empty, and pointless. When God saves people, he plants the seed of divine love within them where it grows and develops. Thus, God's love is the chief mark of salvation in a Christian's life.


In Charity and Its Fruits, Jonathan Edwards unfolds the wonder of God's love using 1 Corinthians 13 as his text. In a series of fifteen powerful sermons, which he preached in 1738, Edwards motivated Christians to live for the glory of God by living a life of divine love. This version of Edward's impactful sermons is edited for today's readers. Instead of unraveling long, dense sentences, readers can focus on the concepts Edwards illuminates in this incredible work.



"Jason Dollar has done a valuable service in presenting Edwards’s most popular sermon series in contemporary language. Many have benefitted over the years from these thorough expositions. This more accessible version should renew interest in this classic work."

—George Marsden, Author of Jonathan Edwards: A Life 


"Jonathan Edwards is one of the most important pastor-theologians ever to walk the earth, yet his prose can be difficult to read for many Christians. He is best known as a hellfire and brimstone preacher, but he spent far more time preaching on the love of God. In this modern-day paraphrase of one of Edwards’ most beloved series of sermons, Pastor Jason Dollar helps us with both of these problems. He makes Edwards’ language very easy to understand, and he features fifteen sermons on the love of God in our lives. Charity and Its Fruits has blessed millions through the centuries. I pray that it will inspire you to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in yourself and those around you."

—Douglas A. Sweeney, Dean, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, Author of The Essential Jonathan Edwards: An Introduction to the Life and Teaching of America's Greatest Theologian 


"Charity and Its Fruits is the best place to start reading Edwards. He is at his most pastoral here, captivated by the love of God and energized by his gracious self-giving. Edwards's vision of heaven as a world whose economy is love, fueled by the God of love at its center, reveals the heart of Edwards's theological and pastoral project. I hope that Jason's updated version can make this great work more accessible and available. Pick up and read, you won't regret it."

—Kyle Strobel, Associate Professor of Spiritual Theology, Biola University, Author of Formed for the Glory of God: Learning from the Spiritual Practices of Jonathan Edwards 


This update of Edwards' classic series includes the entire original work edited into language that average high schoolers can easily understand. Feel free to preview the sermons below that have an active link:

  • Sermon One: Love the Sum of All Virtue

  • Sermon Two: Love More Excellent Than Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit

  • Sermon Three: Nothing Can Make Up for Want of Sincerity in the Heart

  • Sermon Four (A): Long-Suffering and Kindness

  • Sermon Four (B): Long-Suffering and Kindness Continued

  • Sermon Five: Charity Contrary to an Envious Spirit

  • Sermon Six: A Christian Spirit Is a Humble Spirit

  • Sermon Seven: Charity Contrary to a Selfish Spirit

  • Sermon Eight: Charity Contrary to an Angry Spirit

  • Sermon Nine: Charity Contrary to a Censorious Spirit

  • Sermon Ten: Grace Tends to Holy Practice

  • Sermon Eleven: Undergoing Sufferings a Duty to Christ

  • Sermon Twelve: Christian Graces Concatenated Together

  • Sermon Thirteen: Grace Never Overthrown

  • Sermon Fourteen: Divine Love Alone Lasts Eternally

  • Sermon Fifteen: Heaven Is a World of Love

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